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Emotional Healing|Energy Flower Essence

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Related Conditions

■ Feel helpless, experience profound pain and lack the ability to move on Resist connecting with your own-self and cut off yourself from feelings
■ Feel detached and refrain from getting intimate and close

Emotional Benefits

■ Supports the healing of repetitive difficult emotions and enables heart-opening
■ As this essence carries both orange and yellow colors that resonate with the sacral and chakra and solar plexis, it helps relieve stress-induced stomach pain, diarrhea, anorexia, binge eating and recurring digestive problems

Related conditons:

  • 沉溺於傷痛中缺乏動力,或無助
  • 拒絕與自己連結、切斷感受
  • 疏離感,抗拒與他人靠近
To know more:

了解更多: 幫助使用者放開心胸, 消除深層反複糾結的情緒 因情緒修護組合了橙色和黃色,能有效舒緩胃痛、厭食、暴食、或找不出原因又反覆發作的消化問題



    Emotional Healing|Energy Flower Essence
    Emotional Healing|Energy Flower Essence
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