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Divine Healing|Energy Flower Essence

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■ Often feel afraid, indecisive, overwhelmed with life and unable to distinguish what is necessary and not knowing how to make decisions.
■ Experience excessive dreaming and thinking due to disturbance from the surrounding magnetic field and radiation
■ Want to minimize the interference of negative energy during travel, business trips and etc.

Emotional Benefits

Divine is like white crystal. It is effective in purification and protection, especially for children, animals and the elderly, as well as emotionally tense and frail patients. It is a very popular essence with wide applications and comes with a comfortable and elegant fragrance.

■ Relieves physical pain and mental trauma, helps transform sadness and loss and enables one to outgrow self-inflicted patterns.
■ White contains the frequencies and energies of all colors and can effectively clear away negative imprints.
■ The infusion of pure white light energy can wash away mind-body burdens and pain.

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Divine Healing|Energy Flower Essence
Divine Healing|Energy Flower Essence
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