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Unconditional Love|Energy Flower Essence

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Related Conditions

■ Suppress difficult emotions while limiting yourself to fully experience the joy in life and relationships.
■ Experience difficulty feeling loved, resist intimacy and closeness due to unpleasant imprints from physical / emotional abuse.
■ Feel a low sense of self-worth, restless, timid, pessimistic, unable to love yourself

Emotional Benefits

Emotional Benefits:

Applying Love & Light around the heart chakra, lower abdomen, especially around the navel, helps one to return from fear to love and trust. Love & Light helps clear the energetic imprints stored in the navel area where love and fear accumulate in intimate relationships including the bonding with our mother.

• Infuse unconditional love into the body and mind and heal emotional trauma and loss in relationships
• Enhance ability to love and care for oneself
• Expand the heart for compassion and acceptance

Physical Benefits & Association

• Enable self-healing for endocrine imbalance and gynecology issues
• Relieve anxiety, restlessness and nervousness
• Release tension and heaviness around the forehead and chest/heart area

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Unconditional Love|Energy Flower Essence
Unconditional Love|Energy Flower Essence
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